Situations in which it is convenient to refinance a mortgage loan

Buying a house 10 or twenty years ago is nothing like buying it now. The fierce competition between banks has strengthened the hopes of those who never dreamed of having their own home. How? Well, now there are more and more and better financing options that allow people to have access to a home loan. But what about those who already bought your home a few years ago and now you want to refinance a mortgage loan for your benefit. Can it be or cannot? In what cases is it advisable to do so? We already tell you.

The mortgage loan a few years ago

mortgage loan

A couple of decades ago, imagining getting a mortgage loan  was a crazy thing and when it was possible to obtain one, it was accepted with the minimum financial precautions, that is, they were credits in UDIs, with very high interests, very high or very high amounts low that did not pay for housing worth paying for 25 years or more.

The current situation and refinancing of a mortgage loan

The current situation and refinancing of a mortgage loan

Today, the country is going through a social and economic crisis that little is said about but that suffers. Starting with inflation and culminating in the lack of well-paid jobs, it is now 10 times more complicated to maintain a mortgage loan than 10 or 15 years ago.
Ideally, over the years, it is to refinance that mortgage loan that damages your economy so much. But stop! While it is an option you should evaluate the cost it represents and if it can really benefit you.

Here we list the situations in which refinancing in the mortgage loan is viable:

When the credit is in UDIs

credit score

Yes, when the credit is in UDIs it means that the balance will increase along with inflation, as a result you pay more each time and the unpaid balance is almost always high. So you can notice in your statements that little or nothing decrease your debt.
If this is your case, run to the bank and request your change from UDIs to pesos in your financing.

When interests are variable

When interests are variable

It is convenient to refinance the credit when the interests are not fixed, since, in this way, the monthly payment is fixed and you can set a monthly budget.

So you know, it’s not just about refinancing your credit analyzes:

  • The amount you are going to pay for appraisals, if it is more than 10% of the outstanding balance, it does not suit you
  • If you subtract less than 30% of the total credit, refinancing is not a good idea either

But, if analyzing the situation, you finally opt for it, remember, do not choose to refinance a mortgage loan without first looking and comparing between at least three mortgage credit options.