Start investing: a good intention for 2018?

Is starting with investing your good intention this year? With the low interest rates, it is certainly interesting, but first read our tips for investing in 2018.

Savings interest is low and remains low

We can be short about savings rates, they are low and will remain low in 2018 as well. With a little luck, you get the bank charges out. Anyone who wants to rise above inflation (products are simply becoming more expensive) must have secured their savings in a deposit for at least 5 years. Preferably at a foreign bank that offers just a little more savings.

More return on the stock market

For a return on your assets, you do not have to be at the savings bank for the time being. But where then? Go invest! Last year the main index of the Netherlands (the AEX) achieved a profit of 13%. In addition, the course made no crazy leaps. Also not unimportant for a good year for investors.

Investors are also optimistic about the 2018 trading year. The expectation is that economic growth will push prices up further. This is of course no guarantee. Uncertainty or an unexpected event (Trump, North Korea) can cause prices to fall.

Investing is not saving

In the worst case, the return on the stock market may even become negative. We immediately have the most important difference with saving: your assets can be worth less.

You therefore invest with the part of your assets with which you want and can take a risk. In addition, you always need an amount of savings (freely withdrawable) for unexpected expenses, such as a broken washing machine.

Start investing

The easiest way to start investing is investment funds. Based on your chosen risk profile and associated expected return, you have an expert invest for you. In return, you pay a management fee and / or costs per transaction.

Fund investing is easily accessible and can start from a few tens of a month. Your risk is spread within the fund. View our selection of investment funds in 2018 here.

Those who already have more knowledge and experience with investing and follow the financial news, can get started themselves. You do this at a broker. Every broker has its own platform with which you can trade online at the stock exchange. When comparing, pay attention to ease of use, speed and costs of the broker.

You can experience this best by testing the platform yourself. View different brokers here and request a free (demo) account.

Start investing in 2018

Is 2018 a good year to start investing? That should tell the future. As said, the forecasts for the economy are good. However, you do invest for the long term, where you also have to deal with price fluctuations.

The longer your investment horizon, the less you are affected by price movements. So start investing on time.