Use Loan Calculator and Save

For borrowers, the situation on the capital market now seems more favorable than ever: the European Central Bank’s interest rate cut to 0.05 percent also lowers consumer loans, as the ABC Lending loan calculator shows. The following tips can save more money.

With these tips, the instant loan is even cheaper

With these tips, the instant loan is even cheaper

1. The online search is worthwhile

Although bank branches are currently offering particularly cheap loans, higher interest rates must be taken into account in comparison to online credit. With the loans, the borrower finances the branch and the service staff at the same time.

2. Use Loan Calculator

2. Use Loan Calculator

On the Internet, many direct banks offer their services; Moreover, the offers of personal loans should not be disregarded. The credit comparison is so important because the individual risk of different banks is also differentiated. Thus, credit institutions often offer very different terms for the same service.

3. Arrange for fast repayment

The loan calculator shows it: The faster a loan is repaid, the cheaper the interest rates. On the one hand, they are only calculated for a shorter period of time; on the other hand, banks can better anticipate developments in the capital market in the short term – and usually offer particularly favorable terms for terms of up to 24 months.

4. Specify the purpose of use

With a car loan particularly favorable interest rates are made possible due to the collateral security. Because if there is a loss of payments, the bank can still sell the purchased car. Even with a rescheduling is a traceable loan, which is usually cheap to get. Anyone who discloses what the money is needed for creates confidence at the same time.

5. Apply for a loan with the second borrower

The interest rate of most loans, such as annuity loans, car loans or personal loans is credit-dependent, so it is calculated directly according to the creditworthiness of the debtor. The loan calculator of ABC Lending lists under the details of the hits whether the interest rate on the online loan is calculated in this way. If the borrower takes out the loan together with a second borrower, the likelihood of easy repayment increases for the banks. The credit rating thus rises – and the interest rate drops.

Conclusion: loan calculator from ABC Lending helps in the search for credit

Whether an urgent acquisition or a rescheduling is pending – prospective borrowers should take advantage of the current low interest rates for themselves. Regardless of whether an instant loan or a loan is sought privately, ABC Lending offers a simple, non-binding and comprehensive credit comparison – at the click of a mouse. So what are you waiting for?