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Apply for a home loan online with Bajaj Housing Finance and get a free Rs 10,000 Amazon gift certificate

09 Sep 2021 18:28 STI

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Sep 9 (ANI / NewsView): Bajaj Housing Finance (BHFL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bajaj Finance Limited, offers mortgage services on attractive terms.
Customers can enjoy their products and become owners while enjoying an array of features and benefits.
Their enhanced services also allow customers to apply for a home loan online. In addition, salaried candidates who apply through their website also receive an Amazon gift certificate worth up to Rs 10,000 *.
Not only does Bajaj Housing Finance’s digital services ensure fast processing of home loans, home loan applicants are also assured of the efficiency, convenience and security of all BHFL services.
Exclusive Offer: Free Amazon Gift Certificates
Salaried applicants who apply through BHFL’s online home loan application form are eligible for free Amazon gift certificates.
Only applications between August 27, ’21 and September 15, ’21 are eligible
Only loans disbursed until October 30, ’21 are eligible
The amount of the voucher and the eligibility conditions are indicated below.
Loan amount Rs.15 lakh * to Rs.50 lakh *: Eligible for a voucher of Rs.5,000
Loan amount greater than Rs.50 lakh *: eligible for a voucher of Rs.10,000
Loan amount less than Rs.15 lakh *: ineligible
Benefits for clients who apply for a home loan online
Employees who apply for a home loan from Bajaj Housing Finance online through the lender’s website will receive an exclusive Amazon gift certificate worth up to Rs 10,000 free of charge *. Other benefits include:
BHFL’s competitive interest rate of 6.75% * guarantees affordable Equivalent Monthly Payments (EMIs). Needless to say, this guarantees easy repayment in the years to come.
The lender offers a high amount of financing if the client’s profile makes them eligible. Depending on the profile and the property in question, one can avail a loan amount of Rs.5 Cr * or even more, depending on eligibility.
Applicants benefit from a simple and stress-free process by completing the online registration formalities. The only step that requires a physical meeting is the last, where the loan agreement needs to be signed. Here too, company representatives bring the agreement to the customer’s home to eliminate the need for a branch visit.
Holders of an existing home loan also take advantage of Bajaj Housing Finance features, including an interest rate of 6.75% *, and get an Amazon gift certificate by transferring their mortgage balance. The process is quick and hassle-free and requires minimal documentation.
Customers can also benefit from an interest subsidy under the PMAY scheme when they apply for a home loan from the lender. Although the validity of the MIG I and MIG II categories has not been extended, eligible applicants can make the most of this program through the EWS and LIG categories.
No partial online prepayment and no mortgage foreclosure fees ensure that customers can repay the loan amount on their own terms, depending on the availability of excess funds.
The lender offers a repayment period of up to 30 years for mortgage repayment, which allows middle income clients to benefit from high loan amounts while ensuring long term feasibility.
Customers can also use their home loan calculator to plan ahead and make informed decisions before availing the loan.
Those who benefit from a home loan with Bajaj Housing Finance also benefit from an array of online account management features. Their online customer portal allows customers to transact online, request and download statements, as well as make payments on their home loan account.

Customers can also get the most out of their personalized refund options, which are tailored to their specific needs to make refunds easy and hassle-free.
When selecting a property, choose from one of over 5,000 projects approved with Bajaj Housing Finance to benefit from the most favorable loan terms and ensure fast, hassle-free processing.
How to Apply for a Home Loan Online with Bajaj Housing Finance
You can apply for a home loan from Bajaj Housing Finance by following the simple steps below:
Visit the website and fill out and complete the online form for the loan application
Choose the type of loan, whether it’s fee or balance transfer with recharge
Enter your name, mobile phone number, residence PIN code, address, date of birth and other details
You will need to verify your mobile number with an OTP
Once you click submit, you will get a referral code. Keep the code handy as it can be used upon receipt of your Amazon voucher upon disbursement. A representative will call you shortly and guide you through the next steps in applying for a home loan.
Eligibility and Documents to Apply for a Home Loan Online with Bajaj Housing Finance
Applicants must be resident Indian citizens.
Employee candidates aged 23 to 62 are eligible.
Applicants must have a healthy credit history. Ideally, you should have a CIBIL score of 750 or higher, but applicants with a score of 725 and higher can apply as well.
Applicants should have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience, ideally with a reputable employer.
Document checklist
KYC documents (Aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID card, etc.)
Income documents (payslips – 3 months, bank account statement – 6 months)
Documents relating to the property (title deed, property tax receipts, etc.)
Applicants may be required to submit other documents, which may vary on a case-by-case basis, at the time of or during the application process.
Bajaj Housing Finance Limited (BHFL) is a 100% subsidiary of Bajaj Finance Limited, headquartered in Pune. HFC offers a range of home loans and mortgage finance to individuals and businesses at competitive interest rates.
Bajaj Housing Finance Limited also offers Home Ownership Loans, the amount of which is credited to the applicant’s account within 72 hours * of application, provided all supporting documents are attached. Builders, employees, professionals and the self-employed can obtain loans with flexible repayment terms from Bajaj Housing Finance Limited.
* Baths and conditions of application
For more information, please visit www.bajajhousingfinance.in.
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