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Cannabis Reg. Update: Veterans Employed in the Marijuana Industry Are Eligible for Home Loan Benefits, Oklahomans to Vote on Legalization This Fall, and More

Oklahoma advocates hand over signatures and vote statewide on legal marijuana this fall

Oklahomans could finally get to decide on legalizing marijuana this fall as advocates handed in more than 164,000 signatures to the secretary of state’s office to put the initiative on the November ballot, reported USNews.

Oklahomans for Sensible Marijuana Laws submitted much more than about 95,000 they need to qualify state question 820 for the ballot.

Keeping additional signatures in mindcampaign adviser Ryan Kieselsaid it is “highly unlikely that there will be a credible challenge to our process that can delay this.”

If and once approved by voters, marijuana use will be legal for adults over 21 to buy and possess up to one ounce of cannabis and to grow up to six mature plants and six seedlings for personal use .

Veterans Employed In Marijuana Industry Are Eligible For Home Loan Benefits, Lenders Worry About Cannabis Ban

On the heels of recently released documents from the House Appropriations Committee that discuss hemp manufacturing, CBD advertising, and home loan benefits for employed veterans in legal marijuana markets, medical cannabis research for veterans and alternative treatments for PTSD such as psychedelics, the VA said military veterans are eligible to receive home loan benefits even if their income is from a state-legal cannabis business.

Yet the ministry warned in a memo on Monday that some lenders may refuse to provide loans to veterans who use marijuana, touting instability in the cannabis industry due to federal prohibition as the main reason.

“It can be difficult for lenders to establish the stability and reliability of veterans’ income from marijuana-related industries,” the memo states. “As such, lenders may find it problematic to rely on this income when underwriting VA-backed loans.”

However, due to Since hemp is federally legal, veterans who use it shouldn’t be affected when applying for a loan.

“Earnings from employment in industries that are not federally prohibited, such as the legal hemp industry, are not an issue for underwriting purposes,” the memo states.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Reveals Law Enforcement for Illegal Cannabis Growing Season

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), the Department of Cannabis Control and the National Water Resources Board teamed up for authorize law enforcement teams for the 2022 cannabis growing season.

Their mission is to combat illicit cannabis cultivation which affects water resources and harms sensitive habitats, leading to drought conditions.

“California’s waterways, which are frequent victims of illegal water diversions, play an important role in ecosystem biodiversity and habitat value,” said the press release issued Wednesday. “Tributary streams are often essential in providing clear, cold water to large rivers. Many sensitive aquatic species such as southern torrent salamanders, coastal tailed frogs, rainbow trout and coho salmon depend on these tributaries in late summer to maintain water quality. water and temperatures necessary for their survival.

Over the past four years, CDFW in collaboration with its partners destroyed over 19.2 million illegal cannabis plants and 918,591 pounds of illegally processed cannabis statewide.

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