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‘Instant loan’ apps used to lure and blackmail people

Call the Cybercrime Helpline – 1930 or 112 or contact CEN Police Station – 0821-2418598/ 94808-02263

Mysore/Mysore: As science and technology advance rapidly, disbelievers seek new ways to rob people of their money and other possessions, and Mysuru City is witnessing an increase in cases of cheating in the name of loan applications.

In one of the latest cheating fashions, the disbelievers have started creating fake ready applications, through which gullible people who want loans for their needs, are targeted.

The modus operandi is to send fake loan application links to gullible people. After obtaining the necessary documents for granting loans from the loan seeker, these apps grant loans instantly. But even after the lender repays the loans with the interest due, these apps send messages asking them to pay more money, even if the loan is repaid in full.

Failure to do so will lead to trouble for the loanees as disbelievers, taking advantage of the materials they have, create transformed images and spread them widely through social networking sites or apps.

Many such cases are reported in Mysuru and in some cases the harassed tenants have even attempted suicide, unable to bear the harassment and blackmail.

Alarmed by the growing number of complaints in this regard to the Cybercrime, Economic Crime and Narcotics Police Station (CEN), the city’s police commissioner, Dr. Chandragupta, urged citizens to beware of fake apps loans and other malicious applications.

The commissioner suggested some do’s and don’ts – Do not install loan apps that are not on the RBI NBFC list, do not receive WhatsApp or other networking calls, do not click on blue-colored links from unknown calls or messages, immediately file a complaint with the CEN police in case an individual falls into a trap.

Citizens can call Cybercrime Helpline – 1930 or 112 or contact CEN Police Station – 0821-2418598/ 94808-02263.


Police also listed some fake loan apps which are as follows: UPA Loan, MI Rupay, Rupee Loan, Cash Park Loan, Rupee Box, Ason Loan, Cash Pocket, Cash Advance, Sun Cash on stream, Insta Money, Stand Pro , Application Far Pay, Cash Pay, Loan zone, 66 Cash, Daily Loan, Rupiya Bas, Angel Loan, Loan Saathi, Gold cash, Sky loan, Sharp Loan, Holiday Mobile Loan, Quick Loan, Rocket Loan, Loan Home, Lend Maale , Easy Loan, Minute cash, Mycash Loan, Early credit, Rich cash, Best Paisa, Rupee Magic, Hello Rupee, etc.

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