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Instant loan mobile app scam: Gang members implicated in 1,578 cheating complaints


The CHINA-linked instant loan mobile app racket, busted by the Chandigarh Cyber ​​Cell last month, has been implicated in at least 1,578 incidents of cheating across the country in the past year. The majority of cases – 464 out of 1,578 – have been reported in Uttar Pradesh, followed by 154 in Rajasthan, followed by 146 in the national capital of Delhi. Other states where complaints have been filed are Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Sources said at least 89 FIRs were found taped, citing people who were cheated after being blackmailed and threatened on the pretext of leaking their processed objectionable images. According to sources, so far Chennai Police and Visakhapatnam Police in Andhra Pradesh have sought production warrants for the custody of at least 27 defendants, including Chinese national Wan Chenghua who is incarcerated in the Model Bureau Jail. Sources said the phone numbers and IMEI numbers of cellphones used by the defendants were used to deceive people across the country.

SP (Cyber ​​Cell) Ketan Bansal says, “We have received feedback from many states through the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) that the defendants we have arrested have been found linked to 1,578 complaints of cheating, forgery and extortion. We have been informed that 89 FIRs have been registered in connection with these cheating cases. We have shared the information of the arrested defendants with the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Center (ICCC), a centralized portal of all States/UTs under 14C. Comments were received yesterday.

The gang was disbanded on September 12. He was also found involved in more than Rs 100 crore hawala transactions to China. Central investigative agencies, including IB and ED, have also joined the investigation.

However, three defendants, identified as Mashukar Dubey from Gaziabad, Rajesh Mathur from Gaziabad and C Chinnasamy Sellappan from Tamil Nadu were arrested two days ago. The role of a political party, the Bhartiya Rajnitik Vikalp Party, was also examined by the scanner as a certain sum was transferred from the alleged bank accounts of the defendants to the account of the Bhartiya Rajnitik Vikalp Party.

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