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Thane Police Warn Against Fraudulent Online Instant Loan Apps

Thane: The Thane Police Tuesday warned citizens against several loan applications available on google Play at the store and urged them to be careful when registering.

In a notice published by the Thane Police Department officials have informed that in recent times several apps have appeared in app stores, which claim to provide loans to users in a quick and hassle-free manner. Through these apps, users can avail loan from Rs 2000 to Rs 60,000. However, the proper information about debt repayment is usually not clearly mentioned in these apps.

Not only that, but as soon as users log in, these apps also have access to their galleries and phone contacts, which can then be misused.

“A few days after depositing the loan amount into the user’s bank account, the app starts sending continuous prompts to return the money. social media and phone calls, “the notice read.

“This causes immense mental stress and trauma for the user, which only further misleads him. Thus, citizens should be careful when trusting such applications and performing monetary transactions on the Internet. “, he added.

During the lockdown, several cases of online banking fraud and phone fraud were reported. The Indian government has also warned people against downloading and trusting unauthorized apps in app stores and should instead transact using only apps that have received a green signal from the Center.

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